The Island


It's hard to say something about Santorini that hasn’t been said a thousand times and it’s difficult to take a picture of this place that hasn’t been taken a million times! It is no coincidence that the ancient name of the island was Kallisti, meaning "the most beautiful", and that today it's a top worldwide destination.

The charm, the mystery and the energy of Santorini are beyond words. The principal reason for its sublime beauty is the existence of the volcano which created the caldera - the impressive steep volcanic rocks all over the west side of the island - after one of the biggest eruptions ever in the late 17th century B.C. This eruption destroyed the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, one of the most sophisticated civilizations of those times and at the same time resulted in a distinctive ecosystem and an open museum of geology. No matter how many times you’ve seen the caldera, the view still breathtaking.

Undoubtedly, Santorini is one of the places you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

When you travel to Santorini, bear in mind that beside the caldera, the white houses, the blue domes, the picturesque churches and chapels, the golden sunsets and the black beaches, there is also the less known side of the island that it’s worth to discover: the particularities of this unique ecosystem, the struggle of the locals to tame their arid land, the gastronomy and the local products, the wine and the wineries, the 3.500 year old vineyard, the history and the myths, the traditions and the culture, the flora and the fauna.

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